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We are about making life comfortable. The increasing extremities in climatic conditions have always been a cause of worry and discomfort for all of us. While handling the exposure to hot weather has been adequately addressed over the years in form of air conditioners which are now a part and parcel of our everyday life, the other end i.e. winter's is still not dealt with. Traditional methods of keeping homes warm such as heaters are more prevalent. These heaters are costly and unsafe to use through nights which is also the time of maximum temperature drop. Seeing this situation we felt the need to get a more convenient product to the households. This led to the birth of Expressions Electric Bed Warmer, an easy to buy-use-maintain product which will revolutionize the concept of in-house heating. Simply spread the Expressions Electric Bed Warmer under the bed sheet and over the mattress and warm your bed up. Our mission is to reach every household in India to keep them comfortable during the winter season. So no more multiple layers of woolen clothing or heavy blankets for your winter nights. Just one of our bed warmers for a warm nighty night.

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