Each Expressions Electric Bed Warmer is made from two sheets of fine weave, pre-shrunk polyester and polar fleece cloth quilted together with bonded polyester fill in between, similar to a high quality mattress pad. The closely quilted seams form tunnels that hold the heating element wires inside for uniform heat distribution.

Expressions Electric Bed Warmers are manufactured under the guidance of technical experts of the company. You get durable, high quality products, backed by direct factory service, if ever needed. Each product is covered by a full 1 year warranty against manufacturing defects.

The Comfort Control thermostat cycles the warmth on & off at short intervals. It pulls full rated amperage only when cycled on. The amount of time it is cycled on versus off depends on the Comfort Control setting. Experience has shown that on average, it is cycled on less than 50% of the time. Since the rated amperage listed is maximum if it is on 100% of the time, the average load on the battery system is 50% or less of the rated amperage .

Cord length is 66cms from the warmer to comfort controller and 162cms from comfort controller to electrical plug.

The 60W and 60x2W comfort controller features quick warm-up on all settings which includes "1" for low heating and "2" for high heating depending on the setting you select.

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