Expressions Electric Bed Warmers is put under the mattress, under you. No top cover, it stays on standby under your sheet. Our bed warmers are a generation ahead of electric blankets, which may be inappropriate for mild weather, besides being bulky and wiry. Expressions Electric Bed Warmers are light. The heating wires are inserted into the padding of the warmer. When you need extra warmth just reach out to the Comfort Control on your side and turn it to the setting just right for you.

Provides sleep inducing relaxation Heat from below is very soothing, like soaking in a tub of warm water. This relaxing sensation helps to lull you to sleep. Soothes aches and pains. Real relief from arthritis. Fibromyalgia and other body aches.

Dries the bedding, eliminates dampness Expressions Electric Bed Warmer warms the bed driving out dampness. Dryness eliminates the cold and clammy feel. Heat is held in, and the cold out, with a minimum of weight over you. You don't need to pile on the covers to stay warm.

Faster warm-up The heat from underneath is more effective in warming you when you are really chilled. The control runs at maximum output for the initial few minutes to quickly warm the bed and then drops back to the heat setting you selected.

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